Delair UX11 AG Drone

Delair-UX11-AG The high-performance drone hardware with the platform supports the visual intelligence workflow for field trials.

New generations of drone systems and advanced aerial imagery analytics are revolutionizing both plant science research and the entire agricultural industry by providing comprehensive field-based plant phenotyping data to better understand seed performance in the field. Combined with powerful machines designed to achieve the best-possible breeding performance and harvesting quality in plant variety trials, this can accelerate the progress of breeding programs and reduce labour time and costs per plot.

Designed to provide optimal spectral data and precisely geo localised plant data

  • Fully integrated multispectral camera for bird's eye view photos, as well as images of biomass and chlorophyll during a single flight. Optional PPK activation for measurement.

BVLOS-compatible communication

  • Optional wireless or cellular connection over the 3G network (4G-compatible) for unlimited range.

Bird Take Off and Landing – BTOL 

  • Precise take offs and landings – high angle (30 degrees) for restricted areas, slow landing with distance measurement technology.

Easy-to-use Android™ app for operational planning and control

  • Pre-flight checklist, no-fly zones, modern user interface, in-flight data control.


  • Orthophoto & digital surface model
  • Maps: bird's eye view, green vegetation, chlorophyll content, and more
  • Plant counting, gap and plant height detection
    Vectorization of field, row, and small plot boundaries
  • Management zones and sampling points performance overview


  • The platform is designed for gathering, managing, and analysing data from all professional drones.

Exploit visual data

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of your sites, progress, and operations across your organization. Create orthophotos, a dynamic, digital surface model slope map, individual boundary lines, source images, comparison view, change map, 3D network, 3D point cloud, special overlays.

Development and integration

  • Use as the back-end for your applications, use individual analysis options or exchange data with your information system.

Drohne UX11 AGAlteia – own company for application software

  • In its efforts to become the world leader in AI-based application software, Delair outsourced the software platform for data management and visualization. These areas were bundled under the new company name "Alteia - Visual Intelligence".


  • Small plot vectorization: small plot boundaries, linking of small plot customer identification of the trial plan with the small plot
  • Scouting maps: bird's eye view (RGB), plant vitality (NDVI), green biomass (MCARI2), plant green (VARI), chlorophyll content (NDRE), chlorophyll concentration (CCCI), coloured infrared (CIR), soil-adapted plant vitality (MSAVI2), or photochemical reflectance index (PRI)
  • Statistics/small plots: minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation, scattering
  • Plant height statistics
  • Plant and gap detection: plant counting, geo localisation and length measurement of gaps, geo localisation of gaps at the end of rows
  • Flowering characterization: flowering layer, percentage of yellow flowers per small plot
  • Emergence characterization: emergence layer, percentage of the emergence per small plot
  • Immature plants: percentage of immature plants per small plot
  • Proportion of soil covered in vegetation: biomass cover, degree of soil coverage per small plot
Dynamic Disc Plus Seeder

High-performance, tractor-mounted precision spaced planter

Maximum precision during seed placement

  • Precise seed singulation: avoiding skipped seeds and doubles

Highly suitable for multiple crops

  • Machine for many different crop types: maize, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, barley, rape, beets
  • Frames available for flexible row spacing from 20 cm/8” to 75 cm/30” and 45 cm/18” to 96 cm/38”

Flexible frame concept with modular system

  • 2-row to 8-row
  • 3-point frame for 2 to 6 rows
  • Pull-type frame for 4 to 8 rows
  • Adjustable frame for multiple crop use
  • Options: fertilizer, micro granulate, wind and rain cover, working lights, barcode scanner, variable fertiliser quantity per plot

Seed purity in the metering unit

  • Integrated flap for precise plot separation
  • New geometry of the extraction/suction channel

Maximum planting speed

  • Sowing speeds up to 5 km/h (3 mph)

Pioneering drive technology

  • Electric drive of the seed metering unit allows for different seed population from row to row (row-independent)

Modern Easy Plant planting software

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Operational reliability
  • Enhanced diagnostic options (remote diagnosis)
  • Precise planting documentation
  • Simple planning of test fields
Lunchbox Sprayer

Lunchbox Sprayer
The Lunch Box Sprayer was developed to replace the gas charged systems where the operators carry a pressurized bottle of gas on their backs. The lunchbox, so called due to its shape, is carried on the operator’s belt and comprises a battery powered compressor to supply the air to the chemical container. This operates at a maximum pressure of 5 bar. We also supply carbon fibre spray booms made from material developed for the aircraft industry, which gives a very light, rigid boom that is easy for the operator to use.


  • High output single pump Compressor
  • Fitted with a lithium-ion battery giving up to 75 % more spraying time per charge at a weight of only 5.5 kg
  • Designed to replace gas/air cylinders traditionally used to pressurise chemical canisters
  • Ergonomically designed backpack
  • Easy plot spraying with lightweight carbon fibre booms
  • Available in three formats: ’T‘ boom, ’A‘ frame offset & handheld offset
  • With a choice of up to 7 nozzles at various spacings, typically 500mm, plots of up to 3.0 m or 3.5 m widths can be sprayed in one pass
  • All booms come with shoulder harness, trigger, pressure regulator and pressure gauge Anti-drip nozzle holders with quick fit caps to take all standard jets are fitted to all booms
  • An adaptor is available which fits most pressurised plastic bottles from 250 ml to 3000 ml. These bottles are available at a very low cost, so many treatments can be mixed before going to the field
  • Alternatively metal canisters of 5, 9 and 11 litre capacities can be used
  • Application rates typically up to 200 litres / hectare can be achieved in one pass
Plot / Row Motion Drill

The tractor-mounted (three-point) or towed seeders for plot and/or precision-spaced planting with electric sowing drive have been developed for maximum precision and flexibility. The two seeder types can be configured as a lightweight or heavy version and it is possible to combine both sowing systems on one machine. The flexible frame and control concept make modifications and upgrades extremely easy, while the Easy Plant planting software enables optimum interlinking of planting and harvesting data.

The modular system with its many options allows you to customize the machine for many different applications. A heavy machine can also be configured for no-tillage application.

High degree of flexibility in field layout

  • Plot lengths from 1 to 60 m with Plot Motion
  • Plot lengths from 0.5 to 25 m with Row Motion
  • Narrow alleys from 0 m Double Row Motion on rotary harrow

Flexible frame concept

  • Flexible frame and control concept makes conversions and upgrades extremely easy
  • Same frame module and control module on all seeders from the latest family
  • CE-certified design ensures excellent visibility and a high degree of safety. Each machine is equipped with steps, a platform, and rails
  • High degree of modularity in equipment options
  • Double and triple plot seeders can be configured via the modules as standard
  • Tractor mounted with three-point or pull-type seeder, planting on beds optional
  • Both the single row seeder and plot seeder are available as a kit for mounting on a local frame
  • Can be attached to the WINTERSTEIGER Tool Carrier
  • Each machine and each kit is subject to rigorous quality control

Modern, user-friendly control system

  • Modern and intuitive user interface with colour display even with the entry-level control unit. The control system can be operated using buttons or the touch screen
  • Optimum interlinking of planting and harvesting data, as the Easy Plant planting software is now also available for plot drills.
  • Variable sowing density as well as fertilizer and microgranulate quantities are possible via field plan import with Easy Plant.
  • Spraying alleys, gaps, as well as different plot and alley lengths can be implemented even in the basic version
  • Easy update function via USB port

Varimax Plot Spreader


Varimax Plot SpreaderThe 1.5 and 2.0m fertiliser spreader from Trials Equipment has been designed to apply a wide range of product to trial plots

  • The Stainless steel hopper and Precision moulded plastic fluted rollers that are electrically driven by a stainless steel shaft, ensure a long and reliable working life.
  • Three-point linkage mounted and with RDS radar metering, this robust but lightweight machine can be used behind a wide range of tractors
  • Application rate is easily adjusted from 75Kg/Ha to 500Kg/Ha
  • Supplied with a full width stainless steel tray for easy of calibration
  • 10 outlets on a 1.5m machine and 12 outlets on a 2m, delivering to a full width spreader plate made from stainless steel giving an accurate even spread
  • Pedestrian spreader is also available


Turbo 12 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader


Varimax Plot FertiliserA pneumatic 12 meter fertiliser spreader perfect for full trail applications

Varimax Plot Fertiliser Spreader

  • A GPS receiver mounted on the roof of the cab gives forward speed, and adjusts spreading rate accordingly
  • The information can be logged to an SD card for office records
  • It is also possible to upload field maps with the spread rate to the display unit so as the field map is selected, the rate for that field is also displayed
  • Calibration is made simple with an easy to remove venturie cassette unit
  • The feed rollers are easy to remove for cleaning, and out of season storage
  • The hopper can come in a range of sizes from 900 to 1500 litres. A mesh floor inside the hopper stops any large objects getting into the feed rollers
  • A cover is in place to stop mud and rain from getting into the hopper and to guard any spray from the tractor wheels
  • The TURBO 12 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader is made from stainless steel with a galvanised chassis

  • The 16 outlets, at 750mm spacing

  • The large centrifugal fan is capable of pushing the fertiliser to 24m, giving a good even spread over 12m

  • 2 electronically driven motors drive 2 banks of 8 feed rollers. Each side can be switched off individually

  • In addition, if required, each side can be set to deliver a different rate. Blanking plates are also available to shut off individual jets.

Tool Carrier

Tool Carrier
The WINTERSTEIGER Tool Carrier is a self-propelled unit specifically developed for planting, applying fertilizer and crop protection to tilling of field trials. Its dimensions and low weight guarantee agile use in trial sites and make the machine easy to transport.

Powerful machine with hydrostatic ground drive

  • Powerful yet quiet Deutz engine
  • Available in 2 WD and 4 WD version (optional)
  • High manoeuvrability and cross-terrain mobility due to its compact size
  • Optimal machine ground clearance
  • Easy to transport
  • Long service intervals thanks to high-quality bearings and components

A wide variety of attachments can be mounted to the front and rear using:  

  • Mounting frame
  • Front/rear hydraulics
  • Front/rear PTO shaft
  • Additional control devices

Modern, convenient operator platform 

  • Operating elements are intuitive and easy to use
  • Tilt-adjustable steering column
  • Adjustable armrest with integrated multi-function lever
  • Comfort seat with individual adjustment options
  • Clear view ahead for the driver and operator of the seeder

Sowing system offers a range of options 

  • Plot seeder or single row seeder with electrical belted cone drive for continuous adjustment of plot lengths
  • Automatic or manual funnel lift via GPS
  • Different sowing widths and opener systems available