Sampo Rosenlew 2010


  • The special made cab is spacious and provides a convenient working environment for two operators
  • From the cab you can make all the basic adjustments for harvesting. The tinted glass in the cab means you have good visibility around the combine
  • Air conditioning is available as an option

Cutting table

  • The header cuts cleanly and evenly. The SR2010 uses the CHAC System (Constant High Volume Air Stream Cleaning) to provide high cleanliness on the table to ensure clean samples
  • The electrical and hydraulic adjustments conveniently operated from the cab make threshing versatile and accurate
  • The special made brushes on the pick-up reel combined with an effective airflow system results in supreme cleanliness throughout the whole threshing mechanism
  • Every detail has been taken into consideration in the design to provide uniform and reliable grain samples
  • Header sizes are available in 1.5 m, 2.0 m or 2.3m

Threshing mechanism

  • The heavy duty closed threshing drum has a large wrapping angle
  • The electrically adjustable threshing drum is designed to outperform even in the hardest threshing conditions
  • The special made good grain elevator has a sealed construction throughout the whole elevator area. This prevents grain overflow and ensures clean, uniform samples
  • The elevator chain has round plastic, paddles which fit perfectly to the “pipeline”

Sieve and straw walkers

  • The SR2010 has three turn over walkers and a single sieve system.
  • For additional efficiency an optional double sieve system can be fitted onto the combine.
  • The double sieve system makes the separation area bigger and delivers the combine with an efficient return system
  • The SR2010 has a re-threshing system like on the conventional Sampo combines.
  • The double sieve system includes 5 round hole sieves, 5,8,10,12 and 16 mm

Grain tank and grain chopper

  • The SR2010 features a large grain tank with 1700 litres
  • The bottom auger of the tank can be removed for cleaning
  • The unloading auger has two different unloading heights, 2.75m and 3.0 m
  • The 2010 can be equipped with a straw chopper if required.
  • As an optional extra the SR2010 can be equipped with a straw chopper which can be taken out of use when longer straw is required

Transmission and engine

  • The standard tyres on the SR2010 are big in diameter and the ground clearance is good.
  • 12.4R24 are the standard size tyres, but 360/70R24 are also available as an optional extra
  • The rear tires are 11.5 15
  • The final drives and gearbox are robustly built. The have been used in other Sampo conventional combines in the past
  • Transmission is hydrostatic and can be equipped with 4WD
  • The engine is a 4 cylinder, 73 hp, VM Motori
C6 / Alpha


  • Eight work lights, modern LED day driving lights, and a wide windscreen.
  • One of the factors considered during the design of the cab, was the driver’s clear visibility of the cutting header.
  • The combine harvesters of the COMIA series has a multi-function drive lever, and the layout of the other controls have also been carefully designed
  • All threshing-related activities, such as the controls of the machinery and cutting header, are located in the armrest.
  • The console also has 12V and USB connectors.
  • You can easily control the modern COMVISION II touchscreen with one hand while harvesting. It is very easy to monitor threshing, when at the same time you can see e.g., the grain loss monitor, height of cutting table, forward speed, and warning lights.
  • Any alarms can be seen on the COMVISION II screen as pop-up warnings on the screen and the system also gives out an audible signal.

Cutting Header

  • Easy to connect, recognised for its geometrics, and fully hydraulic operations. The nylon/plastic tines of the pick-up reel, which have been found to be effective, and the hydraulic header reverse put the finishing touches on this highly functional cutting table.
  • Whether growth is high or low, Comia’s cutting header, which has been developed over several years, can handle it.
  • The optimal distance from the knife to the feeder auger ensures an uninterrupted feed to the combine's feeder elevator. Side tilt is available as an optional extra.

Threshing Mechanism

  • The 112 cm wide threshing mechanism with its eight-rasp-bar HD threshing cylinder ensures good threshing in this harvester equipped with a single threshing cylinder.
  • The five straw walkers and a large straw walker area ensure good separation.
  • The RV2 lamella upper sieve efficiently removes chaff and the RV3 lower lamella sieve ensures clean grain into the tank.
  • Returns are threshed with the screw located on the left side of the combine. The returns are blown back to the end of the grain pan. This way, the returns do not load the threshing cylinder and instead travel their own route.


  • Every combine harvester of the COMIA-series has a strong three-gear gearbox.
  • The gearbox has a hydraulic clutch assist, which makes shifting easy and handy.
  • The gearbox is powered by a strong hydraulic motor, which can be controlled continuously from the cab using the drive handle.
  • A strong front axle equipped with final drives and disc brakes, allowing for the use of wide tyres. Optionally, the COMIA can be equipped with extra wide tyres.
  • Hydraulic four-wheel drive, which helps driving in tough conditions, are available as an optional extra.


  • Thanks to their technical solutions, the SAMPO ROSENLEW combine harvesters have always been easy to clean. For example, the grain pan sections can be extracted and the straw walker bottoms can be removed. Although the same features may be included in other makes, SAMPO has implemented them so that you do not have to carry out cleaning in your service area. Instead, you can clean them on the field and have more uptime.

Grain Tank

  • The C6 has been equipped with a large 4,400 litre grain tank.
  • The unloading speed and volume of the COMIA 2.0 series has been increased from the previous generation of harvesters. Now the unloading speed is 75 l/s, meaning an increase of 50% from the previous model.
  • Thanks to the 4-metre unloading height, unloading can easily be done into a trailer with high sides. - The long unloading pipe can easily be swung by pressing a button on the drive handle. Unloading is also started from the drive handle.
  • A large grain tank window allows easy monitoring of the filling of the tank. The tank is illuminated with a powerful LED light. This way you can monitor the grain quality also at night. The filling alarm of the tank is connected to the COMVISION II screen, and it lets you know when the time comes to empty it.
Classic Plus

Greater comfort with modern driver’s platform

  • Colour display for intuitive operation, optimum overview, control of all key parameters, and straightforward menu navigation using function keys
  • All functions necessary for harvesting operations are integrated in the multi-function lever
  • Tilt- and height-adjustable steering column
  • Height-adjustable comfort driver‘s seat with integrated safety switch
  • Low levels of dust exposure for the driver due to perfectly designed threshing unit with suction effect
  • Hydraulic cleaning blower (400 – 1800 rpm) can be adjusted on colour display and at rear of the machine
  • Hydraulic threshing drum variator adjustable from the colour display
  • Hydraulic folding grain tank discharging pipe can be controlled from the colour display

Longer service intervals

  • The Classic Plus guarantees a long service life thanks to structural modifications to the bearing points and the use of quality products for bearings and belts

Maximum threshing performance and pure harvested material

  • Increase in throughput of more than 20 % thanks to improved threshing unit geometry
  • Optimization of intermixing through modifications to the concave, threshing case conveyor, and in many other points. Perfectly suited for threshing fine seeds such as vegetables, herbs, or grass

Suitable for multiple crops

  • Extremely quick exchange of the concave through newly designed concave replacement system with integrated tool

High manoeuvrability

  • Ideal for use in breeding nurseries and for the smallest plots due to 15 % reduced turning circle diameter

Perfect for low cutting depths

  • Ground-level knife guidance for low cutting depths down to 4.5 cm for ground-level infructescence
Quantum Core

Quantum Core

Stress-free working thanks to an advanced operating concept

    • Top ergonomics for stress-free working for the driver and operator
    • Optimal layout and low noise level in the cabin
    • 8,7 kW air conditioning system
    • TOPS (Tip Over Protective Structure) certified cabin for enhanced safety
    • Intuitive driver assistance system with automatic cycle management (header cleaning, enter for weighing cycle, cleaning fan go to max. rpm)
    • Stop and Go as a software option
    • Modern visualization of all the machine parameters on a single color screen
    • State of the art self-diagnosing control system
    • Remote access module for fast trouble shooting

Powerful machine for breeding and crop variety trials

    • Deutz 2.9 l diesel, 55 kW (75 HP), 4 cylinder, water cooled
    • Engine accessible from all four sides for service and cleaning
    • Speed: 17 km/h (10,5 mph)
    • Driving hydraulic pump with mechanical adjustment
    • Options: 2WD, 2WD with differential lock, permanent 4WD, permanent 4WD with differential lock (lengthwise and crosswise)

Headers with OptiFlowW technology for maximum performance

    • OptiFlowW cereal headers; Width 125 cm, 150 cm, 175 cm
    • 400 rpm knife speed for cereal header
    • Stumbling step for improved material flow and less seed losses
    • Pneumatic cleaning with compressed air
    • Splitted auger for best material flow and visibility
    • 2 row corn headers with different row spacings and chopper options available
    • 2 different speeds for corn header (300 rpm / 460 rpm)

High-performance grain logistics

    • Stepless adjustable sample volume up to 20 kg
    • W1 / W1 Plus / H2 Classic weighing system or side bagging
    • Easy Harvest all in one harvesting software for data collection, sampler sequence control and pneumatic flap monitoring
    • Visual feedback on a screen once it is save to proceed into the next plot
    • In cabin sub sampling system with adjustable volume and in cab bagging
    • Ergonomic sample outlet on cabin backwall – suitable for one- or two-person operation
    • Optional radar sensor for faster cycle time
    • Optional sample storage integrated behind the cabin
Quantum Plus

Stress-free working thanks to an advanced operating concept

  • Optimal layout and low noise level in the cabin
  • Top ergonomics for stress-free working for the driver and operator
  • Intuitive driver assistance system with fully automatic sequence control

Maximum operating efficiency

  • OptiFlow cereals header and high-performance threshing unit for optimized material flow
  • Perfect cleaning system thanks to an axial fan with optimal air flow
  • Maximum level of sample purity thanks to patented post-cleaning
  • Long range thanks to low fuel consumption and large tank volume
  • Sturdy construction and low maintenance costs

High-performance crop logistics

  • Minimal cycle times
  • Flexible and high-performance sample definition
  • Integrated and optimally located sampling and bagging system

Precise data collection technologies

  • High-performance Harvestmaster© weighing systems
  • Integrated NIRS data collection

Well suited for multiple crops

  • Exchange of header and concave within a few minutes
  • Centre row threshing ability starting at spacing of 52 cm between rows of corn or 125 cm for grain
  • Sieves and shakers can easily be interchanged
Quantum Pro

Stress-free working thanks to an advanced operating concept

  • Optimal layout and low noise levels in the cab
  • Excellent ergonomics for stress-free work for the driver and operator
  • Intuitive driver assistance system with fully automatic sequence control for 100 % repeatability when harvesting

Maximum operating efficiency

  • Powerful cleaning system provided by a double axial fan
  • Maximum level of sample purity due to patented post-cleaning system
  • Low fuel consumption and large grain tank volume, up to 1700 litres
  • 0 – 25 km/h driving speed

High-performance grain logistics

  • Minimal cycle times (< 20 sec. for 6 m plots Inc. Sampling)
  • Representative sampling: Volume and time-controlled from 0 – 20 litres with maximum repeatability
  • Integrated sampling and bagging conveyor system behind the cab

Precise data collection technologies

  • Powerful HarvestMaster weighing systems
  • Integrated NIRS data collection with time-controlled dosing

Suited for multiple crops

  • Change the cutting unit and concave takes two minutes
  • Interchangeable sieves and shakers
  • Big tires for maximum stability and traction as well as minimal soil disturbance

Wide range of headers

  • 2-row corn and sunflower headers
  • Platform headers in widths 125 – 200 cm (49“ – 78“)
Split NH

Split NH
Stress-free working thanks to an advanced operating concept

  • Ergonomic operation: multifunction lever integrated in the armrest
  • Modern cabin with a very low noise level of only 74 dB (A)
  • Electric concave adjustment
  • Shortest plot cycle time thanks to the pneumatic seed delivery and threshing case conveyor belt with belt stop
  • Precise centre separation from the header to the sieve
  • Highest purity of the seeds
  • Minimal carry over from plot to plot
  • Powerful weighing system Twin H2 from HarvestMaster, with precise weighing, moisture and test weight

Precise data collection technologies

  • Integrated flap system in the injector sluice for feeding border rows directly into the grain tank (bypassing the weighing system) and the option of threshing 2 rows using the weighing system and 2 rows directly in the grain tank
  • Mobile recording of all harvest data with the harvesting software Easy Harvest or Mirus ™
  • Easy to transport