The home of the corporation is located in Pori, where combine harvesters and forest harvesters are manufactured. Sampo first produced Combine Harvesters in 1957 & now market a modern, full range from the small 2010 plot combine up to the large Comia series. Sampo sells machines to over 50 countries and exports approximately 80% of its products.

Being close to their customers is very important to WINTERSTEIGER. Overall success in the mechanised field trials sector depends on having the best possible products for the whole breeding process and extends far beyond the classic machine pool usually available. Hege was purchased in 1999 by WINTERSTEIGER. They have developed and manufactured advanced machines and equipment for agricultural trials, plant breeding, research trials and for seed research laboratories.

The German family owned manufacturer BvL have been making vertical mixer wagons since 1978, the first in Europe. A conscious effort to base their product line around the cow has led to very practical and strong solutions, simplifying tasks around the farm whilst increasing both animal performance and profitability. BVL have developed the V-DAIRY Feeder feed management system to give real time control of the feeding process.

BVL manufacture a full range of Diet Feeders at their base in Emsburen, Germany and are one of the market leaders of this product. The machines can be tailor made with over 1,000 customisation options to fit your specifications required on your farm. They are available from 3.5m up to 46m cubic capacity. With over 700 machines having been sold in the UK, BVL have established a firm base for further expansion.

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Located in the Finistere, West of France. They have been manufacturing manure spreaders and trailers since 1946. ROLLAND evolves and adapts to all situations from its ultra-modern factory with an unrivalled paint process based on the automobile industry. ROLLAND can comfortably manufacture over 2000 machines per year, with 15 products families and more than 100 different models.

Trailers, dumptrailers, spreaders, cattle trailers, flat bed trailers, low loaders, hook lift trailers, sand spreaders, dropside trailers, forage boxes… ROLLAND has always adapted to your needs.

ROLLAND distributes today its products with a sales network composed of more than 300 dealers in France and in 30 different countries all over the world.

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We are now the sole importers for SIP parts in the UK. SIP is located in Slovenia and we were offered the position to be their sole importers in 2018. We keep on stock an array of parts for SIP and Twose machines. We have a network of dealers for these machines, please call to find your nearest dealer.