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Trials Equipment specializes in building 'one off' machines. Examples of this are fish food packing machinery, Green leaf harvester, Tool carrier and Cress seed harvester. If you require any further information on any of these machines or a project you have yourself, please contact us on 01371 850793 or


Food Packing Equipment

Designed and built by ourselves, we have produced three machines for a local company producing fish food. The first machine was designed to sieve the product before packing to remove the small particles from the sale item. The second machine dispensed the correct volume of the product into the container and the third machine dispensed the correct weight of material.

Tool carriers

Tool CarriersWe designed and built a tool carrier to straddle a 2m plot (2.3m max) for fertilizing and spraying, but could also close down the wheel widths, hydraulically to 1.8m for transport on a trailer. Equipped with front and rear three point linkage, this is a very universal machine.

Green Leaf Harvester

Built to an exacting specification this machine harvests lettuces, spinach etc. and elevates the product into a pack house trailer. The machine partially cleans the product as it progresses through the machine. The green leaf harvester operates in Florida.

Cress Seed Harvester

This machine was designed to harvest cress seed and to lay it on plastic to ripen in the sun. As far as we know this is the first machine of its kind. It is now working in Spain.

Grass Harvester

grass harvesterBuilt to our customers exact requirements, this machine was designed and manufactured by us and is used in Northern Ireland for harvesting grass plots

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