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As well as representing WINTERSTEIGER and Sampo in the UK & Ireland, Trials Equipment also design & manufacture in their own right.


Booth SprayerFrom production items such as the Coleman weighing system, the Grain Gage fitting kit, Lunchbox sprayers, Rape table extensions, Min Till seeders, etc to the 'one offs' such as spray booths, lightweight seeders, tool carriers, multi boom sprayers etc. We can also adapt and modify existing equipment to suit the customer's requirements in our well-equipped workshops.

Tool Carrier

Tool CarrierOur Tool carrier is fitted with a Kubota engine and hydrostatic transmission. Four wheel drive is standard. This is a robust unit that when fitted with a close coupled seeder, three point linkage and front harrow, all made by us, makes the ideal lightweight, self- contained seeding unit.  

The Coleman Weighing System

Coleman Weighing SystemThis weighing system is fitted to the Sampo combines in the UK & also in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, Sweden etc. This universal weighing system can also be fitted to other makes of combines if required, and is an extremely accurate system.   It can be coupled to a moisture meter that is manufactured for us, that gives very accurate results.   We also offer a data collection program run by an Allegro computer or Toughbook to collate all this information, making this the complete package.

Lunch Box Sprayer

Lunch Box SprayerThe lunch box sprayer was developed to replace the gas charged systems where the operators carry a pressurized bottle of gas on their backs, which has caused a safety issue. The lunchbox, so called due to its shape, is carried on the operator’s belt and comprises a battery powered compressor to supply the air to the chemical container. This operates at a maximum pressure of 5 bar. We also supply carbon fibre spray booms made from material developed for the aircraft industry, which gives a very light, rigid boom that is easy for the operator to use.

Rape Table Extensions

Rape Table ExtensionsThe table extension extends the cutting knife 550mm forward of the existing combine knife, so the rape or beans fall onto the header rather than over the back of the table.   The extension is made so as the air cleaning is incorporated to move all the seed into the combine. It is supplied with all fittings and air hoses. The current units fit the Sampo combines and are available in 1.5m, 2.0m & 2.3m widths. Models for other combines are available on request.

Min Till Seeder

Min Till SeederWe have designed and built a Min Till seeder for use in the trials industry. The basic frame can be adapted to suit the customer's individual requirements and is an extremely robust unit.

Claydon Min Till Seeder

 Claydon Min Till SeederWe made the heavy duty frame for this seeder which we then fitted with the Claydon tines and depth wheel system. The metering system is the WINTERSTEIGER unit and is electrically driven via the RDS Icon control box.  Perfect for rape and cereal seeding

Lightweight Seeder

OAT SeederThis seeder is perfect to use on small tractors such as Kubota or similar because it keeps the overall weight low enough to be moved on a trailer behind a truck. The metering system is from WINTERSTEIGER and is electrically driven. Double disc coulters or Suffolk coulters can be fitted.

Plot Divider

Plot dividerOur Plot Divider is fitted with the twin turbo system for clean parting of the crop, tracks to reduce ground compaction and give a smoother ride over tramlines & removable turbo frame so as other tools may be fitted, for example a spray boom. This machine can be supplied with wheels instead of tracks if you prefer.

Pedestrian Plot Spreader

Pedestrian plot spreaderThis machine is available in 1.5m & 2m widths and is a walk behind unit giving an accurate spread pattern. Made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Varimax Fertiliser Spreader

Varimax fertiliser spreaderThe new 1.5 and 2.0m tractor mounted fertiliser spreader from Trials Equipment has been designed to apply a wide range of product to trial plots. The Stainless steel hopper and Precision moulded plastic fluted rollers that are electrically driven by a stainless steel shaft, ensure a long and reliable working life.

Turbo 12 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader

Turbo 12 Pneumatic fertiliser spreaderDesigned and built in our factory, the TURBO 12 Pneumatic Fertiliser Spreader is made from stainless steel with a galvanised chassis. The 16 outlets, at 750mm spacing, with a large centrifugal fan, giving a good even spread over 12m. 

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