About Trials Equipment, Braintree, Essex, UK

In 1986 the first combine was converted by Coleman Engineering for trials plot harvesting. The design & engineering was carried out by Colin Coleman & Frank Knock.


This was the start of a new business for Coleman Engineering and from this company Trials Equipment was later formed.


About us


In 1989 Sampo, having heard about the conversions, approached Coleman Engineering to offer them the franchise for their combines in the UK. This was agreed. Wintersteiger was added in 1991 to give nearly a full range of trials machines.


In the late 1990's, WINTERSTEIGER bought the German company Hege and chose Coleman Engineering as their sole importer.


In 2001 Trials Equipment was formed from Coleman Engineering to concentrate on the trials machinery and design business and keeping the existing, experienced staff the company has continued to grow.


September 2004 saw the company move to its current site at Wethersfield, Braintree, where the expansion continues. The main building has had the spare parts storage area increased, to store the ever increasing amount of spare parts we hold. We have now completed works to extend the office area due to staff numbers increasing.


April 2019 saw the merge of WINTERSTEIGER and Trials Equipment (UK) Ltd. Trials has also been WINTERSTEIGER‘s sales partner in Great Britain for many years and has also been working as a supplier of special solutions (e.g. Tool Carrier and straw weigher) since 2018. This acquisition will strengthen the WINTERSTEIGER market position in Great Britain and integrate a very flexible development partner with experience in small series for seed breeding into the WINTERSTEIGER network. Company founder and now minority owner Colin Coleman will stay with the company for the time being and manage the business together with Christopher Schiehauer, Head of Businessjavascript:; Field SEEDMECH. The Trials brand and the Wethersfield location will be retained.


Trials Equipment now also holds spare parts for SIP, BVL and Rolland machinery, being the sole UK importer, supplying to the dealer network.

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